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iMettos New Equipment: Electric Sausage stuffer with variable speed

iMettos New Equipment Coming soon... Electric Sausage stuffer with variable speed ! Making your own style sausage effortlessly !...

2014-09-10 | 147 Hits | | Details>>

iMettos Fresh Meat Slicer, fish slicer for cutting slices, butterfly shapes etc

With this fresh meat slicer, you can cut beautiful meat slices, and fish buttery fly sheets....

2014-05-30 | 177 Hits | | Details>>

iMettos Colorful Water Boiler as your life is !

New technology! Color steel make colorful hot water boiler, more choice ! ...

2014-06-27 | 56 Hits | | Details>>

iMettos New Meat Bone Saw, Braking in 0.2S, WorldsNew Record!

Let us introduce this abosultely new Meat bone saw / Band saw . The most valuable and new feature: B raking in 0.2 seconds ! Water flushing able Braking in 0.2 Seconds ! The bone saw machine should be braked in 2 seconds ...

2014-05-30 | 78 Hits | | Details>>

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